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Premium-quality execution, robust, yet simple to place with unlimited configuration options

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Meet                        sufficient and comfortable sanitary facilities: basic need with optimal visitor experience

Luxury and smart design. A comfortable resting point for passers-by and guests, with high quality and hygiene. Luxury and smart design, with an eye for detail and executed with the best materials and plumbing. For a visitor experience that surpasses expectation.

Public facilities that look permanent, which at the same time can easily be dismounted and moved to another location. Designed for intensive use and frequent cleaning. Sturdy, safe and suitable for peak taffic, with well concealed technology and piping.

The sanitary modules can be assembled to fit customer requirements and available space.

Plugaloo for temporary use at the time of building renovation and for locations and moments with high traffic visitor flow. For airports, train and metro stations, congress and shopping centers, and for offices and government buildings.

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