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We are passionate about innovation, creativity, and making a positive impact. Our projects span a wide range of disciplines, each one a testament to our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking.

In this section, you'll find a curated selection of our highly diverse projects, each with its own unique story and purpose. Our projects reflect our dedication to pushing boundaries and creating meaningful solutions.


Runway rehabilitation Maastricht Aachen Airport

An extensive runway rehabilitation has been executed, followed by an upgrade of the apron and taxiway infrastructure. Our work encompasses the rehabilitation of the runway, taxiways and platforms, including all related infrastructure.


Smart Mobility Hub Amsterdam

With Amsterdam's strong growth, the city's scarce space needs to be used increasingly smartly. The SMH should play an important role in this and consists of three parts: a mobility hub, a sports park on the roof and social and commercial facilities in the plinth.


Airport charges Luxembourg Airport

Since 2019, AirportCreators has been the strategic partner of choice for Luxembourg Airport. We assist the board in developing, implementing and successfully executing in the financial strategic planning cycle. this cycle is subject to the unique dynamics of the airport industry and bounded by specific regulation.


Airport Development Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Representing operations, we are deeply involved in the enhanced development of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Unlocking the potential of innovative approaches to terminal management, resulting in efficient, sustainable and high quality operations.


the Premium Sanitary Solution

Sufficient and comfortable sanitation everywhere, basic needs and superior visitor experience. A comfortable resting point for passers-by and guests, with high quality and hygiene. Luxury and smart design, with an eye for detail and executed with the best materials and plumbing. For a visitor experience that surpasses expectation.


Vision Run-off Royal Schiphol Group

Schiphol Airport strives to minimize its impact on the environment including the quality of the surrounding waterways. To develop this vision, we cooperated with the Schiphol team to determine the best way forward for treatment of run-off water. AirportCreators delivered project management as well as content-related knowledge of operations,  the water system and potential solutions. The result is a balanced vision suitable for decision making.


originated from the LARSA project at Lelystad Airport

Runwave is a new and unique platform for collaborative decision making in the General Aviation community. It is a pilot’s go-to destination for making smoother flight plans with less waiting. Runwave helps pilots with executing their flights in a reliable manner and allows airports to make optimal use of available capacity.


Area Development Aviolanda Aerospace

As a major aerospace technology cluster, located near Woensdrecht Airbase in The Netherlands, Aviolanda Aerospace stated a need for a renewed vision on the area development, with the goal to accommodate MRO services for more and larger aircraft.


Groningen Airport Eelde Public Private Partnership

The airside infrastructure was redeveloped 10 years ago in public private partnership and included design, contraction, maintenance and finance of a new runway, aprons and taxiways and ended in 2023. AirportCreators was asked to manage the contract end procedure and hand-over to the airport company.


Reinventing Schiphol's multimodal hub

The multimodal hub will bring many functions together in a relatively small area. The current MHS dates back to the 90s and adjustments need to be made in order to create sufficient capacity for the increasing number of travellers. Travellers will be able to enjoy an improved train station and bus station at our airport in the future.


Implementing our adaptive airport planning process Debrecen Airport

Debrecen Airport was growing in terms of traffic, requiring redevelopment and expansion of its infrastructure. On a short term, both a masterplan for the airport and reconstruction of the runway were planned, while other construction projects would follow rapidly.


Sustainable Airport Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde is successfully leveraging growth and airport development with leading sustainable development. Groningen Airport Eelde is constantly working on the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and education.

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