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Smart Mobility Hub Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is expanding enormously, while improving livability, accessibility and sustainability. The high ambitions of the city council requires a new approach on mobility and spatial planning. The Smart Mobility Hub will be the largest hub in an urban setting, welcoming over 5 million (international) passengers per year. To create even more space for the city expansion, the roof is used as a polder stormwater containment system and a enormous sports park.


Since 2019 we are driving the development of this mobility hub by means over overall project management, design management, financial & systems engineering. We prepare decision making for the council, optimize investments and returns, oversee the design process and the construction works.

Runway rehabilitation Maastricht Aachen Airport


Development strategy & portfolio management    -    Project & construction management    -    Operational readiness & testing

Design reviews and technical due diligence    -    EASA compliance management

Facilitating internal procedures on decision making and project implementation    -    Maintenance strategy

Airport Development Rotterdam The Hague Airport


Representing operations, we are deeply involved in the enhanced development of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Unlocking the potential of innovative approaches to terminal management, resulting in efficient, sustainable and high quality operations.

-  Concept of Operations
-  Airport Terminal Development
-  Airport process management
-  Director Airport Operations Ad Interim

Groningen Airport Eelde Public Private Partnership

The airside infrastructure of Groningen Airport Eelde was redeveloped 10 years ago in public private partnership. The partnership included the design, contraction, maintenance and finance of a new runway, aprons and taxiways and ended in 2023. AirportCreators was asked to manage the contract end procedure and hand-over to the airport company.

-  Verification, inspections and due diligence;
-  Asset management implementation
-  Developing sourcing strategy
-  Contract writing and sourcing


Vision Run-off Royal Schiphol Group


Schiphol Airport strives to minimize its impact on the environment. This also includes the quality of the surrounding waterways. To develop this vision, we cooperated with the Schiphol team to determine the best way forward for treatment of run-off water. AirportCreators delivered project management as well as content-related knowledge of operations,  the water system and potential solutions. The result is a balanced vision suitable for decision making.

Area Development Aviolanda Aerospace

As a major aerospace technology cluster, located near Woensdrecht Airbase in The Netherlands, Aviolanda Aerospace stated a need for a renewed vision on the area development, with the goal to accommodate MRO services for more and larger aircraft.

Together with AirportCreators, a new spatial plan for the site has been developed, which facilitates the realization of a new state-of-the-art hangar and platform, suitable for modern Code E aircraft with wingspans up to 65m. At the same time, maximum continuity and flexibility for future developments has been ensured.

Additionally, AirportCreators provides design and engineering services for the newly constructed taxiway and platform, as part of the realization of the spatial plan. The inauguration of the new hangar took place in April 2023.

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