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Reinventing Schiphol's multimodal hub

The multimodal hub will bring many functions

together in a relatively small area. The train

station, for example, has grown into one of

the five largest in the Netherlands and, under

normal circumstances, sees an average of

109,000 arriving, departing and transferring

travellers per day. 140 public transport buses

pass through Schiphol Centre every hour, and

Schiphol Plaza – the entrance to the airport –

is connected to nearby car parks and offices

via a walkway. The current MHS dates back

to the 90s and adjustments need to be made

in order to create sufficient capacity for the

increasing number of travellers.

Travellers will be able to enjoy an improved train station and bus station at our airport in the future. This will be called the Multimodal Hub Schiphol (MHS). The station area will have more capacity, the station itself will have a better layout and we will make the walking routes for travellers more logical.

Our work:

-  Defining the requirements specifications for landside redevelopment and Multimodal Hub, including the train station, plaza area, bus

   station, taxi and touring car station.

-  Stakeholder requirements management (internal and external), alignment with Rail sector and Amsterdam Public Transport.

-  Preparing, planning and delivering contract documents.

-  Updated workspace to represent the physical location of the projects.

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