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City on the move: Smart Mobility Hub

Urban mobility to a next level

The city of Amsterdam is expanding enormously, while improving livability, accessibility and sustainability. The high ambitions of the city council requires a new approach on mobility and spatial planning. The Smart Mobility Hub will be  the largest hub in an urban setting, welcoming over 5 million (international) passengers per year. To create even more space for the city expansion, the roof is used as an polder stormwater containment system and a enormous sports park.

8142_roll-up_large SMH.png

Since 2019 we are driving the development of this mobility hub by means over overall project management, design management, financial & systems engineering. We prepare decision making for the council, optimize investments and returns, oversee the design process and the construction works.

Our work:

•    Feasibility study, concept development & planning

•    Overall project, design and construction management

•    Business case development and financial strategy & engineering

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